Assessor Training Workshop (On WebEx)
June 8th-12th :: July 06th-10th, 2020
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Sumana Das
CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership
DC, 36 Sector - 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700064
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Fee Structure
Business Organizations with turnover Participation Fees for CII Members * Participation Fees for non- Members *
Exceeding Rs 20000 Cr Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,10,000
Between Rs 10000-20000 Cr Rs 2,75,000 Rs 2,85,000
Between Rs 5000- 10000 Cr Rs 2,50,000 Rs 2,60,000
Between Rs 2000- 5000Cr Rs 2,20,000 Rs 2,30,000
Between Rs 1000-2000 Cr Rs 1,75,000 Rs 1,85,000
Between Rs 500- 1000 Cr Rs 1,40,000 Rs 1,50,000
less than Rs 500 Cr Rs 1,10,000 Rs 1,20,000

*GST as applicable

Terms of Agreement:
  • Participation fee to be paid within 30 days of submitting the registration form.
  • We understand that our application will be reviewed by a Panel of Assessors. We agree to host the site visit and facilitate an open and unbiased assessment. We agree to pay the application fee and bear all expenses towards the site visit.
  • We agree to nominate our HR-Head to be trained in HR Excellence Award Assessment Model and also agree to release him/her for Award Assessment for atleast one company..
  • We hereby give our consent to CII and other affiliated organizations to share the Good Management Practices; prevalent in our organization with others to promote the culture of sharing & learning, as a part of Excellence Movement.
  • If our organization is selected to receive an Award, we agree to share nonproprietary information on our successful performance strategies with other CII member Companies/ Organizations.
  • Please submit the following documents:
    • Registration Form
    • Participation fees
    • Application Document
  • This Registration Form serves as the letter of intent to file the Application
  • The purpose of this Form is to allow the HR Excellence Awards Committee to adequately plan for the award administration. A copy of this Form will also be sent along with the Application Document.

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